Melting into Love

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These moments feel soft

These moments feel like forever

And yet feel like a fleeting shooting star zooming across the Sky never to be seen again

I feel like I am melting

Melting into Love

Melting into bliss

Melting into me

The unknowing presence

The what ifs

The I don’t knows

Feeling so comfortable

I thought I knew

Yet how could I have known?

This moment. These moments. These feelings. These emotions.

I never knew they were possible so how could I have known to ask for them?

Letting go of all I thought I knew, thought I felt, thought I saw, thought I experienced.

Falling into the abyss of the magnitude of what I don’t know and now know I don’t need to know.

Trust life. Trusting life.

I need nothing more than to do this.

It all falls into place.

And it often takes a path I would never have chosen consciously to walk.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Xo S

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