Abundant in all ways

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What does abundance mean to you?

For me abundance is having the freedom to go away when I choose and eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I choose, at least as a start.

On our hot air balloon trip recently we met a beautiful older couple celebrating the gentleman’s 70th birthday. His beautiful wife had saved all year to be able to afford the trip. He has desired to have this experience for many years she said.

Rory booked our trip the day before deciding that’s what he wanted to do.

That’s our abundance.

Sometimes we don’t celebrate our life and the things we have achieved because we have become so used to hiding it because of our past lifestyle.

Yet now, we have the income we have always wanted yet we still hide it.

So used to the daggers that used to be thrown at us even though we never splashed cash around.

And of course Tall Poppy Syndrome says we aren’t allowed to share about how much we love our lives because it’s not fair to others.

I also look at money in a different way now.

I’m so appreciative of my relationship with it and how far we have come.

If I want to buy a $200 pair of heels I can, I’ve been known in the past to buy $1000 heels. Now I just choose not to.

True abundance (to me) is having that choice.

You cannot say to me you wish you had my life yet sit back spending thousands on drinking and drugs instead of booking a holiday.

You cannot tell me ‘I have the life’ when you don’t see the choices that are made behind the scenes.

I can book fancy hotels if I want to and I love receiving free upgrades. I can also stay in huts with tin roofs and cold water and be as happy as a pig in mud.

All because I choose to.

So abundance to me is also choice.

All my bills are in credit.

Yes we have debt. And I’m grateful for it. We got our dream house straight off the bat so I’m grateful for the investment that is my house. And the piece of land that we get to say we own is a truly magical space and I have so much gratitude for the true owners of her.

I love my life and I love the abundance within that space.

And being not only abundant with money but abundant in relationships, love, experiences and slowly building my abundance in health.

Abundance is whatever you choose it to be. Don’t get caught thinking you need to be abundant in the way others choose for you.

Abundance is up to you.

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Xo S

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