Who am I?

But for some reason I felt the need to have the word wife first. Why?

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Its funny that today I was writing my about me page and as I wrote mother, wife I stopped and deleted it then put wife first and then mother along with the other things that I guess I felt are my titles.

I thought to myself this isnt a list in priority numbering why did I feel the need to put wife first before mother. A lot of women I know would say they are a mother first before anything else. I listed the word Woman last. Shouldnt I have Woman first and foremost? Even though, as I said, I wasnt consciously making a list so does it even matter now?

But for some reason I felt the need to have the word wife first. Why? 

Maybe its because I believe that to teach our children how to have healthy relationships with their significant other, or anyone along their way in life, we first need to show them. So for that to happen I need to put myself as a wife first.

At least this was the conclusion I came to in my own head. Neither is more or less important, they just have their own place and seperate journey in our lives. They are both a part of me, but a different part. And yet both teach me how to approach different things relating to each ‘title’.

Each ‘title’ we have helps us to relate to different people in different ways. I feel blessed to have the ability to write who I consider myself to be, even if I did chuckle to myself as I wrote them and changed the order hehe

But even without any of those ‘titles’ I am still me, and as proud as ever of the person that I am becoming.

We should all honour the person that we are and the person we are yet to become. 

I am Me ☺️

xo S

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