Mothers Day Love

You are lovely!

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In honour of Mothers Day I wanted to share a song that, no matter what I am feeling or how my day is going, inspires me and uplifts me.

Its talking about being ‘lovely the way that I am’ and I have always felt it is a wonderful song for women to listen to, in fact, it has become one of my anthems. It may be written in response to people making her feel like she isn’t enough but the message is clear to me, and I hope to you.

As a mother, we often question ourselves – Are we doing enough? Did I do that wrong? What if I stuff them up? Am I a good mum? Too many questions to list really. We need to learn to trust ourselves and listen to ourselves. Our heart is usually guiding us down the right path but sometimes we are too scared to listen.

So for Mothers Day, not only celebrate the beautiful women who bought us into this world, or the women who chose to take on the mother role, or who is just special to you, but celebrate yourself. Because you are lovely!

What are your songs that you like to listen to when you are in need of some uplifting?

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