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As our naked bodies intertwine

The ecstatic energy pulsates through our veins

Your touch sears my skin

Bringing multitudes of pleasure

Your heart beats with mine

Our eyes holding onto the view of each other’s bodies

Drinking in all that our minds can take and more

The heat rises with our pleasure

Interconnecting body mind and soul

Breathe comes faster and louder

Sounds crescendo into the cosmos

Peaks forming

The bite of your hunger digs into my skin

Holding on tighter with all the cells of our bodies

Cascades of love surrounding us

Beads of sweat run rampant

The sweet breath of love in the air

Hunger sedated

We hold on and the world falls away

It is only you and I

Complete in our separateness and togetherness

We breathe each other in

Content and satiated

Mmmmm yessss

Xo S

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