Here I will share some websites of people who I admire and because I happened upon their web presence, have helped me to become the person I am, whether they know it or not.  As I find more mentors and people or pages that inspire me I will share these too.

The Ladies Coach

The day I found The Ladies Coach was the day my life changed. I spent so long watching her YouTube Videos and started following her on all her social media. I bought her book and haven’t looked back since. Christal is part of the reason I now know my own worth! This link is to her website, I really hope you check it out and that reading and watching her videos helps you the way it has helped me!

Zen Rose GardenI found Zen Rose Garden through The Ladies Coach and they are such a fun couple that you don’t even realise you are taking information in when they are speaking Ha Ha. They are spiritual teachers (to put it very simply) who have so much knowledge it’s amazing.

Motivation to Move

I’ve only recently been introduced to the world of podcasts and it happened via The Daily Boost on podcast/Motivation to Move on the net. I love listening to Scott he seems like such a fun person and it makes my morning walks a lot more entertaining!

Ladies who LeadLadies who Lead is an inspiring podcast where amazing successful women are interviewed and share their insights into their lives and how they have achieved what they set out to do and a lot of other amazing topics. You will probably see me feature some of the quotes I have heard while listening to them. My favourite part is the 3 questions at the end about 3 women who have inspired them to be them. I hope you will check it out!

Optimal Living Daily

Another podcast I like to listen to is Optimal Living Daily. This is a podcast where they search for blog posts and read them for you. They are often inspiring and motivating to listen to. And if you aren’t much of a reader it works out fantastic!

Joining the Create Live Grow soul family has been a life changer for me. I’ve add beautiful new friends and learnt even more about myself than I thought I could. Head over to the CLG Soul Family website to check out all that Create Live Grow has to offer. Even look them up on Facebook!

Please let me know if you check any of these out, I would love to know if any of them make a difference for you like they have in my life.

I have listed these to have a place for people to find extra resources for their life that they may not have already. They are not paid or affiliated at all, just my own personal experiences.